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I actually don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to write a review. I just completed a 23 days Panchakarma (PK) at Oneworld Ayurveda. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The property and location are breathtaking. The lush forest, the sounds of nature, the incredible yoga shala, the luxurious rooms and THE TREATMENT CENTRE create this oasis in Ubud, Bali. Honestly the treatment centre is the most incredible place I’ve ever had bodywork done in my life. Pictures don’t do it justice.

The food was delicious, all vegan besides some ghee occasionally used in cooking. The flavours were delicious whilst being Ayurvedic in nature. It’s not the Kitchari for every meal situation some PK places serve. In 23 days I still got excited for every meal. The chef, Wayan is just lovely and does a couple of cooking classes a week where you can learn to cook the same food at home (and you’ll want to!).

The staff are the most loving, attentive and caring group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across. To the point that one of the beautiful girls and I hugged and cried on my last day. They all genuinely CARE. There’s something about the traditional Panchakarma being paired with the Balinese hospitality that creates magic. I spoke to a few people whilst there that had done PK’s before in India or Europe and they said Oneworld Ayurveda was the best PK they’d ever done. It made me feel like I was in very safe hands hearing that.

Dr. Ninnu (who you’ll see every day of your stay) is caring, wise and has a lot of knowledge. I didn’t stump him once with my trillion questions haha! I started noticing shifts in me physically whilst I was there, after a very long period (years) of physical and mental stress on my body. Even more noticeably for me though was my mental shift. I started to really dig in the trenches of my mind. Remembering things I’d forgotten and just letting so much go! It felt really liberating and it started from the treatments you receive (which certainly don’t just detox the body!) I’d been quite foggy in my mind for a period of years. At the start of my PK the girls at the treatment centre who did my treatments each day sort of blurred (there’s quite a lot of them!) for me and I couldn’t remember names or differentiate them. After the first week I started noticing I could remember names, remember faces, I could literally feel the fog lifting from my mind. It was a surreal experience. The treatments are really special. Dr Ninnu will talk you through what you need the most, I didn’t realize that not all 5 PK techniques are for everyone! Trust him he knows his stuff!

The yoga is amazing! Tekok is a great heart-opening teacher, infact, there was a yoga teacher doing his class that said it was the best yoga she’d ever done!

I was lucky enough to do the first 2 weeks of my PK at the same time the owner of Oneworld Ayurveda was doing his own 28-day PK cleanse. It was amazing to meet Claude and to sense the authenticity around this place and his belief in Ayurveda. He shared every meal, attended every yoga class. It’s not just a business they truly believe in the power of what they’re doing there.  The relationship he has to his staff made it feel like you were part of an immediate family. I have so much respect for everyone there. They had a comment card on where they could improve and I honestly couldn’t think of anything. The attention to detail they provide is spectacular. I just had nothing to add (that has never happened in my life!).

I finished my 23 days a week ago and feel like my whole life is different. I can’t even specifically say why but I’m having deeper conversations, connecting to people in a more heartfelt way, feeling stronger and more grounded than I have in years and just really proud of myself. Plus I’ve made life long friends!

I really invite you to just say yes if your gut is pulling you to.  Allow yourself this chance to heal, on every level! It took me a while to say yes financially but it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

By: Samantha, Australia

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