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If you ever want to treat yourself then this is the one. I have been introduced to Ayurveda science by a friend who was suffering from very bad eczema and after she tried all the medical consultations with the doctors in Austria and some other countries in Europe, she couldn’t find a healing solution till she tried a center in Austria doing Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment and after less then 10 days, her hand were completely healed and till today (she is following the Ayurveda diet) she is not having any problems.

Fortunately, I don’t have a serious health problem but I thought I really needed to do a detox and to travel alone to a different holiday destination, and this time I decided to go to Bali. I searched a lot in internet and I was in doubt to go to India as there is the place where Ayurveda is invented but luckily, I came across the Oneworld Ayurveda website and I kept reading all the reviews, listened to all testimonials and I was surprised how 100% of them were excellent.

When I arrived there I was overwhelmed by the most beautiful nature I had ever seen. It was quiet, peaceful and beautiful. The service was great and the team extremely polite. I did a 10 days Panchakarma treatment, vegan food, twice daily yoga and meditation, massages and total body treatments. After consultation with Dr. Ninnu, a diet and the medical ( all herbal) treatment was customized according to my Dosha (dosha is a bio energy in the body which govern the function of our body on physical and emotional level, there are three kind of Doshas VATA, PITTA and KAPHA).

My dosha is a PITTA composed of elements of fire and water, medium physique, strong and well built, sharp minded, self-confident, passionate, good public speaker, like to spent money, driven by finest things in life and yes, can become bossy, LOL, etc…

My whole body changed after few days and I had a better digestions, best skin I ever had and the stiffness of my back was gone away thanks also to the dedicated and passionate of the yoga instructor and to the fantastic hand massages of the therapists. In 10 days, I was 4 kg less and I felt so happy, a kind of happiness you feel in the stomach part that lasts and you don’t understand where it comes from and its permanent. My friends who were with me were also healing each day.

I would strongly recommend it to everyone but mostly to those who suffer from skin problems, immune system illness, arthritis, food intolerances and fatigue, stress/depression. Try it. It is a game-changer. 🙂

By: Rafaela, Albania

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