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Your Kitchen is Your Pharmacy

In Ayurveda, food is your medicine and your kitchen is your pharmacy. Learn how to prepare food according to Ayurvedic principles and nurture your body with 125 delicious, healthy recipes. 

Available in PDF format, 26 MB. 

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18 Breakfasts

14 Soups

38 Mains

23 Sides

3 Rotis

15 Desserts

2 Ghee & Stock

6 Juices

6 Herbal Drinks

Want a sneak peek of the recipes? Click here to download some sample recipes

We are quite literally what we eat.

When we ignore this age-old advice, disease, disorders, and imbalances manifest in various ways. Rather than reaching for bandaid solutions of pills and medications, learn how to heal and nurture your body simply with Ayurvedic food.

Created by Oneworld Ayurveda’s distinguished physicians and chefs, in this cookbook you’ll learn about eating according to Ayurvedic principles, what food is good for your dosha type, and how to prepare an array of delicious, healthy dishes. From traditional Indian curries, soups, and Khichadi to Oneworld’s famous Ayurvedic dishes with an international twist, each page is full of easy-to-prepare recipes that nourish you throughout the day.

As an added bonus, we’ve included some of our favourite juice and herbal drink recipes to help boost your immunity and aid your digestive system.

Limited Time Offer! Get 125 Tasty and Healing Ayurvedic Recipes for only $27 20

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