For over 20 years Oneworld has created unforgettable, life-changing yoga and healing retreats for its guests.

Led by in-house and international guest teachers, each retreat blends daily yoga and meditation with immersion into Balinese culture, rituals, journeys across this magical island, Spa treatments and now Ayurvedic healing.

Intimate group sizes and attention to detail are what set our retreats apart from the rest—every aspect of your journey is taken care of from the moment you walk through the palatial gates.

We offer a range of yoga retreats for you to explore. 

What’s Included in the Retreats?

Each retreat has its specialties, but in general, there are essential inclusions you will enjoy

Morning and evening meditation/yoga sessions

Massages and treatments

Healthy and delicious Western and Ayurvedic meals

Balinese ceremonies and rituals

Engaging activities specific to each retreat

Experience yoga retreats at Oneworld Retreats


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