Relief from rheumatoid arthritis

rheumatoid-arthritisN. stayed with us in January 2018 for a 23 days Panchakarma. She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and most of her joints of her hands were swollen and painful. Her right little finger was crooked and she had not been able to straighten it for years. Her thumb was swollen and painful, and since a few months she could not move it.

Disease as well as other personal issues had taken their toll on her overall health and she was diagnosed with depression and put under medication. As many of us tend to do in stressful times, she had too much coffee, cigarettes and wine. She came to us hoping for a lifestyle change, relief from the pain and she wanted to quit smoking. She was on a high dose of painkillers and other medicines.

Her pulse diagnosis told us that all three bio-energies were imbalanced and there was a considerable ama/ endotoxin overload in her system. The first step was to correct her metabolism and mobilise the metabolic waste. Endotoxins were localised mainly in her small joints, which caused the pain, swelling and stiffness.

udwartanam-ayurveda-powder-massageTo start, Udwaratna, a dry powder massage, was selected along with a powder poultice massage with herbs. Both are very effective to pull out the metabolic waste from deep tissues. A special herbal paste was applied on the swollen and painful joints.

The herbal decoctions and pills prescribed for her were for dissolving and bringing out the endotoxins;
a special diet and twice daily yoga were introduced into her schedule. During the course of her Panchakarma, she underwent detox procedures, such as Virechana and Vasti.

Already after the first week, she could feel the pain and swelling coming down and felt much lighter. She reduced the dose of painkillers and step by step gave them up altogether.

FJR_1710-768x513By the end of the 23 days Panchakarma she was free of morning stiffness, had stopped smoking, lost a lot of weight, pain and stiffness were practically gone, her little finger that she had not been able to extend since years went back to normal and she could move her thumb with ease. She had a much clearer mind and had totally stopped taking her painkillers.

She came back to visit us in in May 2018 and we could see that she was much happier. She says that some of her problems resurfaced due to extremely cold winter in her home country, but that she now able to identify and avoid triggering factors like yogurt, heavy meals, eating late etc. and, therefore, has better control in her daily life as well as a better understanding of her body. To keep up the good results, she also plans to come back for another Panchakarma next year.

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