Ayurvedic Tips for Travellers

Whether you’re going on a short or long-haul flight, Ayurveda has some great tips for travellers. When you travel the elements that can become imbalanced are air and space—this can lead to headaches, dryness, dehydration and disorientation.

How to stay healthy and calm when travelling:

  • Before setting off give your head and feet an oil massage to make you feel more grounded. A foot massage with sesame oil is highly recommended for people who experience swelling when flying.
  • During the flight make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated—avoid caffeine and alcohol that can dehydrate you.
  • For your inflight meals opt for cooked vegetables, stay away from raw vegetables, meat and heavy meals that are hard to digest.
  • Chewing fennel seeds, cumin seeds or dried/candied ginger can relieve bloating.
  • Practise alternate nostril breathing for 10 minutes every 2 hours to keep yourself feeling balanced.
  • Meditate or listen to a guided meditation or chanting to keep yourself focused and calm.
  • Do some seated yoga—stretch your feet, legs, hands, arms, shoulders, neck and joints and exercise your eyes by looking side to side, up and down.

By taking care of yourself when you travel you can arrive at your destination feeling more grounded and avoid the effects of jet lag.

Happy travels!

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Aparna K. BAMS, MD, PhD

Aparna is one of the few specialists worldwide with a PhD in Ayurveda. Born into an Ayurvedic family which operates a traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma hospital in Kerala, India, she grew up observing her father, the renowned Dr Padmanabhan.


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