How a second Panchakarma detox at Oneworld Ayurveda took me deeper into myself

By Judy Chapman


My second stay at Oneworld Ayurveda felt like coming home. Coming home to not just to beautiful Bali, the caring team, but to myself, my body, my spirit, and my wellbeing.

I cannot lie. This second Panchakarma detox was more confronting than the first – and I’m not referring to the actual detox itself that is actually very gentle and nourishing. But like a second relationship, I began to see many of my patterns that I could no longer get away with blaming external factors. I had to face and ‘own’ many parts of myself – it was a journey into understanding how my actions today impact my higher-self tomorrow.

During this second retreat, I deepened my understanding of Ayurveda and the ‘dosha’ system. I realized it was ‘me’ who invited ‘pitta’ dramas into my work life. I realized that my ‘vata’ imbalances were not necessarily caused by frequent traveling and busy lifestyle, but also by what ‘vata’ situations and personalities, I allowed into my life.

I saw that it was ‘me’ not the ‘digital device’ that was the issue.

Probably the most significant insight was that I realized for me to stay strong and healthy in this world, I need to become far more resilient yet without becoming hard – and this is where the Ayurveda is so beneficial. It’s an incredible medical system that and provides treatments for not only our physical wellbeing but also our mental state, relationships, work and social life, and even our life’s purpose – you really cannot be strong in only one area but all must be in balance.

The morning and evening yoga classes showed me that if I want to be moving freely about at seventy or eighty years old, then I can no longer get away without integrating yoga into my life – even a twenty-minute stretch each day does wonders for one’s flexibility, posture and mind.


My ‘busy’ mind during some of the incredible treatments showed me how crucial it is to bring meditation or meditative ‘digital-free’ moments into my life to stay sane.

The conversations shared by the variety of people around the communal dinner table (over delicious personalized meals), reminded me how important it is to slow down and take time to connect with others. Even if you are a shy soul, ask questions. Be interested. Listen. Friendships and connecting with others is one of greatest joys of life.

In summary, my second detox at Oneworld Ayurveda reminded me of how important it is to take care of my whole self as I do not think we can rely on our medical system alone (certainly not for our emotional and mental self anyway). Medicine and wellness are now two different realms – if we want to live a full life then we all have to take better care of ourselves now (and in Ayurveda, this does not necessarily mean a life without coffee or red wine either).

Next year, I plan to go deeper and do a 14-day PK. My intention is to do a retreat there every year as it’s an ideal way to keep a personal track of my own wellbeing. Afterall, prevention is better than cure!

Oneworld Ayurvedais a stunning boutique health retreat located near Ubud in Bali and is my favorite retreat for a deep overhaul. Every aspect, from the elegant villas to the lush gardens, morning and evening yoga classes, and delicious meals feels incredibly nourishing.


Big hugs to the team at here for their grace (especially during my overheated ‘Pitta’ moments) – thank you to Dr. Ninu and yoga instructor Wayan – your patience and quiet wisdom was felt and heard.

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