Amazing 4 Day Taste of Ayurveda experience

By Lindsay & Jody

The best way to describe the experience at Oneworld Ayurveda is PURE BLISS. This place is incredible. First, the staff and facilities are top notch – the environment is intimate and the entire staff knows your name from day one. The rooms are a beautiful oasis in the jungle with beautiful stone showers, huge canopy beds, and a peaceful balcony to relax overlooking the views.


The overall experience leaves you relaxed and refreshed. We did just a 4 day “taste” of Ayurveda but know that majority of people are there for 2-3+ week full detoxes. A few things to know about the Ayurveda experience: you will get two treatments a day specifically tailored to your health needs, all food is Ayurvedic (meaning vegan) but it is delicious! You will meet with the doctors to discuss your health when you arrive and also discuss things you can take home when you leave. They have a few activities each day such as garden walks or rice field walks, but your day fills up very quickly with yoga and treatments each day. Know that once you start your experience, you stay on the property and don’t leave. That being said, we arrived early on the first day and they helped coordinate a day trip around Ubud for us to see some local sights.


The treatments were out of this world. The staff at the treatment center takes incredible care and is extremely attentive to privacy, cleanliness, and tailoring to your needs. After experiencing the 4-hand oil massages here, I don’t think another massage will ever live up! I also had the opportunity to do the herbal bath treatment, which was perhaps one of the most relaxing mind and body experience I have ever had.

As part of the 4 day experience, the water purification ritual is not included typically but you can add it on – we added it on and we were so glad we did! It’s a very unique way to learn about Hinduism and the local practices. Your guide will walk you through the water purification (there are fountains that purify different parts of you like soul, love, hair, skin, etc), and you will also have the opportunity to participate in a prayer ritual with offerings with a local priest.


I can’t say enough great things about Oneworld Ayurveda. The views, the yoga (including the private lesson!!), the food, the staff, the people… all far exceeded expectations! Our 4 day taste was a tease and we wish we stayed longer. We will definitely be back for a future Panchakarma.

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