Cancer prevention, treatment and recovery according to Ayurveda

An interview with Dr Tami and Dr Resmi

In Ayurveda there is not one pill to fix a disease—each person is an individual and Ayurvedic doctors will consider all lifestyle factors when creating a treatment plan.

As the prevalence of cancer rises, many people are looking for alternative health modalities to prevent cancer, support and complement Western medicines and cleanse their systems after treatment.

How does Ayurveda suggest people prevent serious diseases, such as cancer?

Ayurveda—the science of life—sets out some core concepts to keep your body healthy and prevent the disease from manifesting:

  • Swasthasya Rakshana – maintenance of health
  • Dinacharya – a set of Ayurvedic daily regimens to maintain health
  • Ritucharya – diet and lifestyle guidelines based on seasonal changes
  • Achara Rasayana – a specific code of conduct for your lifestyle and behavior.

    What does Ayurveda suggest for people going through cancer treatment?

What does Ayurveda suggest for people going through cancer treatment?

  • avoid potentially stressful situations
  • stay hydrated to help flush toxins out of the body
  • practice regular, mild exercise
  • adjust your diet to your digestive condition
  • consider taking Triphala—a traditional Ayurvedic medicine with significant anti-cancer properties
  • include Curcuma (turmeric), garlic, and ginger in your diet or herbal teas
  • meditate to reduce anxiety and stress
  • practice Yoga Nidra to maintain inner balance
  • avoid addictions – alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and refined sugar
  • eat organic food and avoid junk food and leftovers (freshly cooked food has the most nutritional value).

Can Ayurveda help cancer patients post-treatment?

A Panchakarma (Ayurvedic detox) is highly beneficial for people who have gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatments as it helps cleanse the body of toxins that have built up.

Once you have gone through detox and reset, our doctors will discuss Ayurvedic medicines to complement treatment plans laid out by your regular healthcare provider.


Dr. Resmi V. Rajagopal, BAMS, MS (Ayurveda Gynec), PGDYN

Ayurvedic Physician & Gynecologist Dr. Resmi is a versatile Ayurveda doctor from Kerala, India. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda Medical College and her Master’s Degree from Jamnagar college in AyurvedaGynecology & Pregnancy Care.


Dr. Tami Lubitsh-White

Dr. Tami is a licensed psychologist providing psychotherapy, supervision, BH integrated care, and program development. She was a Panchakarma guest at Oneworld Ayurveda and is currently living in Alaska.
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