Your Sweet Touch

Squeezing therapist Lina’s arm she feels like a boxer. Though I’ve never squeezed a boxer’s arm.
Unlike a boxer, her touch is soft as butter. Admittedly, I’ve never experienced a boxer’s touch, perhaps I’d like that too.

Oneworld Ayurveda therapists were trained for a solid six months pre our December opening. Our senior physician Aparna’s husband, Ayurvedic professor Dr. Abishek Joshi and her Ayurvedic doctor father, Dr. Padmanabhan, flown over from India for the occasion, patiently helped perfect their touch.

Some of you have already experienced an Ayurvedic massage with us. All of you would agree that though the therapists’ touch is soft, their strength is like steel. Such an empowering combination, if only all of life were that way.

Daily, resident Ayurvedic physician Dr. Ninnu holds progress meetings, where each guest is reviewed and treatments modified accordingly.

What is never modified is the core training the therapists have received, which is to imbue each massage, no, every stroke, with love. Something you’ll feel immediately.

An Ayurvedic massage – abhyanga to the aficionado – is unlike any other. You’ll lie down, perhaps expecting a strong massage, like a Swedish one. You’ll get up realizing that it doesn’t need to be a deep tissue one to enable you to really let go.

The work the therapists do is so varied, they’ll perform: many different types of abhyanga, including head and foot massage; steam treatments; Shirodhara – with oils, decoctions and buttermilk; other preparatory treatments such as herbal baths as well as the five methods which together constitute Panchakarma. Most of the latter, by the way, will be performed under the physician’s supervision.

Sometimes you’ll feel so nurtured and provided for that tears start to flow, maybe out of gratitude or maybe from other deep-seated emotions.

At that moment (s)he is there for you, to be with you, to help you release, to care for you.

All of this by someone whose average age is 20, still living at home with parents, brothers and sisters. Whose first job this is.

Who is still girlish/boyish and whose nature is soft as butter. Sweet as only the Balinese can be.

And underneath lies that surprising strength, allowing them to endure.

Here we’ve just returned from our bi-weekly walk, ostensibly to practice English, mainly to get some fresh air and have a fun break together.

Cheeky Wati called for a welcome drink, with which they were all duly rewarded the next day.

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