What a tremendous find – A Panchakarma Story

My first encounter with Ayurveda was about 20 years ago through Deepak Chopra, whose book ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’ was a rapid bestseller. During a visit to La Jolla in the 1990s, I visited the Chopra center and even managed to do an early morning meditation with Deepak himself. I incorporated a few health practices into my daily routine, combining those with my already alternative health approach.

As I am part Chinese and was firmly set on my path as a Feng Shui master, I naturally followed the journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine, which, together with homeopathy and aromatherapy kept me and my family healthy and well. As a retreat facilitator, I have participated in and witnessed many cleanses and detox practices during the last thirty years where I had rapid results, mainly in weight loss, vitality and energy levels. Yet, I found that these results were rarely sustainable.

I was intrigued when first introduced to the idea of a Panchakarma. I researched the various options of which most did not appeal or even put me off. The pictures of stained mattresses on the floor in a dorm were not enticing!

Looking at Oneworld Ayurveda’s website, I was struck by the attention to detail, the simple luxury, and the clear explanations of the effects of PK and the longer-term health benefits. I originally booked for just ten days.

My arrival in the oasis of peace and calm that is Oneworld Ayurveda was a contrast to heaving Ubud. I started with a special water cleansing at Tirta Empul, a beautiful ceremony that felt like a transition from daily life to time to take care of myself. The evening meal by candlelight overlooking the gardens was delicious, varied, healthy and freshly prepared.

I met the other guests who were from all over the world, the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, the UK and the Netherlands. All had arrived on different dates, did different lengths of Pancha Karma and were there for different reasons. The common denominator is health, taking time out and vitality. Early to bed in my lovely and spacious villa where I had the gigantic king-size bed all to myself.

The next morning started with yoga after the early gong at 6 am. What to do at that early hour? Well, there was plenty, from tongue scraping, oil pulling, aura cleansing, eye exercises and morning medicine to self-massage. Yoga was a glorious way to greet the world on the deck overlooking rice fields with its birdlife just waking as the first rays of the sun warmed us during breathing, meditation and gentle exercise. I was certainly ready for the yummy breakfast after. Breakfasts were a lovely surprise, different each day and beautifully prepared and presented.

Next was a ninety-minute consultation with the resort’s two Ayurvedic doctors, resident doctor Ninnu and Ph.D. doctor Aparna (one of the few in the world who hold a Ph.D. in Ayurveda medicine as well as a Western MD). My body systems were out of balance and the doctors set to work to create a program that consisted of two treatments per day, detox days and adjustments to my daily activities and diet. I was to consult a doctor every morning to check on my progress and readjust my personalized schedule. I was amazed when I was diagnosed with an inflammation in my neck vertebrae that I had taken as ‘one of those things I just have to live with. I had not even mentioned this during my consultation.

After three days of having been pounded with the most deliciously smelling herbs, the niggling neck pain that I had had for over five years, was no more! Treatments were done in the quiet and serene ambiance of the spacious, state-of-the-art Treatment Centre. The unique combination of Balinese hospitality with Ayurveda treatments of extremely high quality really makes for a very special and unique concept.

In between the pampering, resting, and relaxing, there were cooking demonstrations as well as health and beauty talks. It was so nice to get some tools so that I could immediately implement this new lifestyle at home. Food was a fusion of adapted Jamie Oliver recipes with an Ayurvedic touch. A perfect mix for my fusion body! I had my appetite back and even found myself diving into seconds at most meals. On checking with the doctor, this was normal and to be encouraged. Agni, the digestive fire is one of the first parts of digestion that needs to be in place. They say that when your Agni is in balance, you can even digest rusty nails (I wouldn’t try this at home…).

Indeed, when I stood on the scales at the end of my stay, I found to my surprise that my weight was down by six pounds. A welcome side effect. I had such great results that I extended my stay for four more days and was able to go even deeper into the cleanse. It is now two weeks after my PK and I am already looking forward to the next one. I can wholeheartedly recommend Oneworld Ayurveda to anyone who is committed to their health. What a tremendous find.

By: Brigitte, UK.

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