A Stunning Ayurvedic Detox Retreat in Bali

By Judy Chapman

img-blog-january-2If you seek a high-quality Ayurvedic Panchakarma (PK) detox but don’t feel like traveling to India or Sri Lanka, then consider Oneworld Ayurveda located in Bali. This is the island’s first dedicated luxury Panchakarma retreat and it’s one of the best! Oneworld Ayurveda offers 7, 14, 21 and 28-day programs that will deeply cleanse, rejuvenate and even heal.

What is a Panchakarma Detox?

This is not a wellness holiday. People come to do an Ayurvedic Panchakarma for serious health issues including chronic stress, anxiety, sleep issues, muscle and joint diseases, weight loss and to improve their immune system, energy levels, and sexual vitality.

A PK is highly recommended to help slow down the aging process and rebalance mentally and emotionally.

A PK is a personalized program so no two retreats will ever be the same. On arrival, you will be consulted by an Ayurvedic physician who will do a deep analysis of your health including pulse diagnosis and many many questions. A program will then be tailored to your needs including meals, treatments, and activities.

There will probably be times during the detox that you may feel uncomfortable but the doctors are so caring and will ‘hold your hand’ every step of the way. You can do these in part or all silence and they are also a wonderful opportunity to take a digital detox.


One of the highlights here is your well-appointed Balinese bungalow – they are just lovely! The rooms are spacious and elegant. Everything has been considered – you are even provided with robes and yoga attire to wear throughout your retreat (which helps during your oily massages)!

Each room has its own verandah overlooking jungly greenery which is the place to be to sip your hot ginger water and reflect – it all feels so tranquil.


The meals here are absolutely delicious! While they depend on your program or what stage of your detox you are going through, most of your meals consist of 2-3 courses including healthy sweets (obsessed about their tahini balls). You do not starve at this detox retreat as in Ayurvedic medicine. it’s all about improving our digestive fire so we absorb all the nutrients.

It’s communal dining in the evenings, but you are free to take your meals in the privacy of your room anytime. It goes without saying there’s no coffee or alcohol here – a PK is a serious cleanse.

We recommend you participate in the cooking demonstrations – they are loads of fun.

Spa & Wellbeing

At the heart of Oneworld Ayurveda isimg-blog-january their Panchakarma treatment center and it’s sooo beautiful! It houses the doctor’s consultation rooms as well as several treatment rooms with views overlooking the rice terraces. Some rooms feature big beautiful oversized copper tubs (their warm bathing rituals are divine). There’s an herbal dispensary for soaking up the good vibes.

In our opinion, it’s the most beautifully designed Ayurvedic ‘spa’ in the region.

You don’t get to select your treatments off a spa menu though as your twice-daily therapies are prescribed by a good doctor. Feel reassured, they are very well-executed. In fact, we think the Balinese deliver Indian-Ayurvedic treatments so beautifully due to their innate nurturing touch.

Treatments include steam baths, warm oil massages, medicated enemas, and mind-soothing Shirodharas to name a few.


There’s twice-daily yoga with meditation held in an open-air yoga bale overlooking the rice fields. However, each day you are given a personalized program that may or may not recommend yoga, ricefieldwalks and other gentle activities. The team of Balinese yoga instructors are very caring and well-trained. Don’t expect any vigorous Vinayasa or Ashtanga here as yoga during a Panchakarma detox will be slow and meditative.

profile-judy-chapmanJudy Chapman is the former Editor-in-Chief of ‘Spa Asia’ magazine and the previous spa columnist for Wellbeing Magazine and the author of 4 non-fiction books on spas and health. Over the past 20 years, she has traveled the world, exploring, consulting & creating award-winning spa concepts, beauty & treatment experiences. Her travels have taken her through the Himalayas spending time with Tibetan & Ayurvedic doctors and yoga masters as well as onsen trips through Japan to the spas of France, Germany & Prague.


  • Neomi Feldman

    I have rectocil prolapse for 2 years. I am hoping not to do surgery.
    I wonder if a panchakarma detox will help me.
    How many days do you recommend ?
    How much does it cost if I also stay at your facility?
    How much does it cost if I don’t stay overnight at your facility and only come daily for treatments?

    • Oneworld Ayurveda

      Prolapse condition cannot be managed with panchakarma treatments. Can you ask if any reports are available..

  • Indra Uttamchandani

    Please send me price list for 7 days program in july

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