Interview: 21 Days Panchakarma to Beautify Your Life

Panchakarma story

Nora Coers (N) interviews Karen, who has just completed her first 21 day cleanse Ayurvedic Panchakarma at our newly opened Ayurvedic center.

N: Karen, how do you feel now compared to how you felt when you arrived?

Karen: When I left home, I felt that everything was important. Now, about to return, I realise that nothing is.

N: That sounds very profound, Karen! Did you ever feel like this before?

Karen: I have done several cleanses before: juice fasts and raw foods. Afterwards I always felt full of energy, but would suffer from insomnia and dry skin. The Ayurvedic doctors here explained that this is due to the elements of space and air (Vata) increasing strongly.

N: Do you suffer from that now as well?

Karen: No, my skin has never felt this rich and creamy before and I am sleeping like a baby. In addition I feel calm. And it is as if my memory has improved. There is more clarity there.

N: All symptoms of a balanced Vata: space and air elements.

Karen: What is more, if I can keep up my warm vegan diet and get plenty of rest for the next 21 days, the doctors have told me the cleanse will continue to do its magic.

N: Ah, that is the crux of the matter, do we have enough self-discipline once we leave this protected environment.

Karen: But you know, Nora, I sort of like the fact that my health is now in my own hands. First we had yoga, which taught us to stand on our own two feet. Now we have Ayurveda, which is hugely empowering.

N: How do you mean?

Karen: Empowering in that I have now been given guidelines helping me to eat and live according to my elements, those which are uppermost in my system.

N: Let me guess, you are Vata/Pitta!

K: Close, actually Pitta/Vata. Which means I have to cool my fire without putting it out completely. Dr Ninnu has given me an extensive list of foods to reduce and others to favor in order to get there.
Also, add more beauty to my life in the form of flowers and nice scents.

N: What lovely advice to be given by a doctor – beautify your life! Ayurveda really is holistic, it takes into account all aspects of life.

Safe travels Karen and come back next year!

Nora_Contactbild_überarb_509x340As a child, Nora Coers’ mother healed all family members, including pets, with homeopathic medicine, just as her mother had before her. For her, it is therefore natural to become the third generation to be healing through complementary medicine. In the mid 90’s she picked up her first book about this intriguing and all-encompassing science. This caused her to take courses initially at NYU (New York University), then with Dr. Frawley and Dr. Lad. Eventually, she obtained her Ayurvedic Practitioner’s certificate from Atreya Smith in 2013. She also spent six months working at the renowned Ayurvedic center Somatheeram, in Kerala.

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