Experiencing Authentic Panchakarma in Bali: The End-Result is Worth the Discomfort

Experiencing an authentic Panchakarma is very different from what is offered as Panchakarma in most Ayurvedic centers around the world. It is definitely not a wellness holiday with a bit of fun on the side. It goes deep, focusing on the root cause of your condition, and invites – sometimes forces – you to look at yourself, and the way you are treating your health in your daily life. It is not always easy but the results you obtain are manifold and more than make up for the few difficult days you went through.

To embark on a journey of healing like this, it is vital to know that you are in the caring and loving hands of highly professional doctors and therapists who know what they are talking about and only have one goal in mind – your good health.

Below is a very interesting and insightful story from Claire from Australia about her experience.


“Despite having done a lot of research before arriving at Oneworld Ayurveda, if you have never done an authentic Panchakarma before, which very few of us have, it is almost impossible to really know what to expect. In the same way, I feel like I will not be in a position to fully understand what has taken place here until I am back home.

What I can say is that the experience has had an unparalleled impact on the way I feel about my health and my own responsibility for maintaining it.

It has connected me with a part of myself that intrinsically knows how to be healthy – in body, mind, and spirit. My challenge now is to respect and nurture that connection, listen to it deeply and continuously, and reap all of the multi-layered benefits.

Some days here were hard. There were tears and anger and frustration. Other days I felt elated. All part of the journey that Dr Aparna and Dr Ninnu guided me through. Their extraordinary knowledge and professionalism, and their passion for sharing what they know with everyone who passes through the gates here are profound and deeply moving.


At a time in human history when the limitations and shortcomings of Western medicine in dealing with longer lives, chronic illness, substance abuse, depression and anxiety, and all the other ugly consequences of our Western lifestyle, are increasingly manifest, Oneworld Ayurveda shows guests another way. A way that is self-evidently more sensible.

Some people might think a Panchakarma experience is only “authentic” if it happens in India if the accommodation is basic, the food bland and repetitive, and if you are given every one of the treatments associated with this ancient cleanse.

What I have learned at Oneworld Ayurveda is that authenticity comes from the practitioners’ depth of knowledge, their individualized approach to every guest, and their dedication to ensuring every guest leaves here with the tools and confidence to transform their own lives.”

Claire, Australia

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