A Healing Connection – A Mother and Daughter Panchakarma story

Recently mother and daughter Eila and Miriam Weber from Switzerland did 14 days of Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda. Although they have a close and hearty relationship they no longer live in the same city, so scheduling an annual holiday is a way to ensure they have quality time together. It was also a chance for them both to address some health concerns while supporting each other.

Miriam had already done a Panchakarma (PK) previously, but for Eila, this was her first experience with the Ayurvedic detox. Eila reflects, “I was quite skeptical about the PK as I consider myself a fairly healthy person, but I must say from the very first day my expectations were highly exceeded”.

On arriving at Oneworld Ayurveda’s site in Tegalalang, “There is something about the way the place is set up. It is hard to describe but when you walk in, with all these friendly people around, you really can feel the healing energy in the air. There is also this sense of complete seclusion as you are tucked away in this little part of paradise”,  Eila said.

Since birth Eila has suffered from Restless Legs Syndrome. She describes it as ‘burning legs—like thousands of little cramps in my muscles, which is really annoying as I have had to get up in the middle of the night to take medicine simply to get through the night’. Eila still had some tough nights as the treatments and medicine were administered by Oneworld Ayurveda’s doctors, but towards the end, she could feel it was going to get better. ‘The actual benefits came about a few days after I finished my PK. For the first time in my life, I am able to sleep throughout the night and not wake up to take medicine. I am staying in touch with the doctors as I return to Switzerland and they will continue to help me should any symptoms reoccur’.
On her time at Oneworld Ayurveda with her daughter, Eila reflects, “This whole experience for me has been so rewarding. Not only have I found some relief from my condition, but it has been a very good way to get to know my adult daughter better, to learn about her life and her way of seeing things, and to share this healing experience”.

Miriam agrees, “Doing a PK with a family member means you have someone to share your thoughts and experiences with, which you would not necessarily share in your daily life back home. During the PK you can experience some ups and downs and your mother is surely the best person to be there for you through all of this, and the time at Oneworld Ayurveda has definitely brought us closer together”.

by Eila and Miriam Weber

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