Discover Ayurveda with Dashama

Want to learn more about Ayurveda & its benefits for your health and wellbeing?

Join Dashama & Oneworld’s leading Ayurvedic physicians as they introduce you to Ayurveda & its principles. Full of Ayurvedic wisdom you can use in your daily life, yoga classes tailored for your dosha type, Ayurvedic beauty tips & so much more.

interviews on Ayurveda delivered in conversational style

leading Ayurvedic physicians

USD 5 per video

USD 45 for 12 videos

Curious about Ayurveda?

If you have always wanted to learn more about this time-tested, prevention-orientated, holistic health care system from India, you’ve come to the right place.

In this exciting new series, Dashama from Flowstate Yoga joins Oneworld’s Ayurvedic physicians to take you through a step-by-step, easy to understand, introduction to Ayurveda and its principles.

Working your way through the videos, you’ll gain deep insights into Ayurvedic healing and how to apply this ancient wisdom into your daily life.

This series covers:

  • What is Ayurveda?
  • The Ayurveda Daily Regimen
  • What is Panchakarma?
  • General Guidance for Yoga According to Ayurveda
  • Asanas for Vata Imbalances
  • Asanas for Kapha Imbalances
  • Asanas for Pitta Imbalances
  • Asanas for Health Issues
  • Foods for Dosha Imbalances
  • Ayurvedic Beauty Tips to Do at Home
  • Treatments in a Panchakarma
  • Mini Detox at Home
and many more…
Discover the world of Ayurveda with Dashama

The whole series of 12 is available now for USD 45 (or USD 5 per video)


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