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What can you expect from the authentic ONEWORLD Panchakarma experience?


Experiencing Panchakarma is beyond a spa wellness holiday and is different for each person. We tailor your schedule to include consultations, treatments, meals, decoctions, herbal juices, baths, yoga, meditation and much more.

During the initial consultation you can share all concerns and issues regarding your health including the reasons why you decided to do a Panchakarma. After your diagnosis, the physician creates your individual schedule of treatments. Your progress is closely monitored by the physician and adjusted as needed. There is a large variety of treatments that can be applied, depending on your condition.

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We take the experience to another level by offering a selection of personalized options. For example, you can decide to take a certain amount of time for silence, a day, a week, two or even three weeks. Just imagine the results! Or you can choose to have just your meals on your own balcony in silence. It is also possible to follow a very strict diet or to simply go with the flow.


Our aim is to guide our guests along a delightful journey of healing. Take a journey inwards and find the true meaning of your journey once you have done the first few consultations with the physician.

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Our experience and knowledge in the world of retreat hospitality has established us as the best in what we are doing, it is our absolute standard. Our ultimate goal is to present you with alternatives to create health and happiness.


At ONEWORLD ayurveda guests have the opportunity to live memorable experiences.

  • Daily practice of Vedic yoga, meditation and pranayama (breath practice)
  • Daily meeting with the physician or assistant
  • Daily treatments in one of Bali’s most breathtaking treatment spaces
  • Daily meals prepared according to Ayurvedic principles
  • Optional walks in the rice fields or village surrounding the resort - an enjoyable cultural experience
  • Cooking demonstrations – an opportunity to learn
  • Group lectures with the Ayurvedic physician, going deeper into the subject
  • Regular guest speakers on life-related subjects
  • Enjoy your own private space - the rooms are relaxing, with all the necessary comforts, decorated with taste and, most importantly, incredibly comfortable

Your experience with us is our focus, as we believe that a series of heartfelt experiences brings one closer to happiness.

Over the years, thousands have experience our hospitality by joining one of our retreats at ONEWORLD retreats, now we take this venture to a higher level by focusing on health and wellness.

ONEWORLD ayurveda - The place for an authentic Panchakarma experience.

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A typical day during your Panchakarma

As each person’s experience will be different, the daily schedules will vary. But to give you an idea of what your day could look like during your Panchakarma, here is a short outline:

Wake up early to the sounds of a gong before receiving your medicines. Do yoga and meditation in the beautiful yoga hall overlooking the rice fields or just relax on your terrace or in the gardens, taking a morning walk. After that, it is time for breakfast before you meet with the physician and start your daily treatments in the Panchakarma treatment centre. The duration and number of the daily treatments will vary, depending on the stage you are at.

You may join the cooking demonstration and get some tips and tricks to take home with you. After lunch you will have free time to yourself in which to relax before your scheduled treatments. Early evening, there will be a meditation class and then it is time to enjoy dinner. Some days, there will be talks on interesting topics or guided rice field walks.

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