Founder's Biography

Claude Chouinard

Claude chouinard

Creating and offering happiness is Claude’s life mission. He and co-founder Iyan aim to show another image of life, one without pressure.

Claude himself went through a process, leaving the day-to-day secured life to embark on a one-year spiritual journey in 1992 which led him to live a life on the road less travelled for almost 8 years. The conclusion was the realization of a dream to share his experiences with others by setting up a retreat centre where people get the opportunity to re-evaluate their lives and re-discover their true selves and values; without pressures and in an unpretentious yet comfortable and enjoyable way.

"Bali has great therapeutic power to calm and heal with its magical nature, colours and people. For as long as you manage to blend in this diversity you would find inner peace."

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